An exciting new event called Art


You will be invited to search for beautiful works of art located at specific creative locations around town. Once found the free artwork will become your very own treasure of Beeville!

What you will find are:
Small unique one of a kind clay sculptures with various designs and purposes created by the artist, Sarah Gamboa.

Statement from artist:

Geocatching itself is a very community based activity encouraging people to get out and explore parts of their town they other wise wouldn't have. I wanted to recreate that fun mission with the addition of art to share unique works with the community and have them out and about having fun while doing it.

While you're searching for these unique sculptures why not also grab a bite at a local restaurant in town or treat yourself to something cold and sweet to beat the summer heat? However, while you search be sure to be safe, have fun, and enjoy any and all frogs you find! Once found they're yours to keep and decorate so be sure to let us know you found them! :)

Please email a picture of your findings to

And if you have any questions you can use #beeartgeocache on Instagram to contact the artist.

Descriptions for frog designs:

Cowboy frog - howdy! You found me I'm the cowboy frog I would make a great decoration for your home maybe as a greeting to guests :) thank you for finding me 1/12

Artist frog - Hello! You found me! I'm the artist frog I'm here to be a cute decoration for all your artistic needs I can hold all your pens, pencils and paint brushes for you! Let's create new works of art together. :) 2/12

Flying frog - Hello I'm down here! You found me the flying frog! I may be small but I can fly just as well as these pilots could. I'm a small decorative frog that can sit on your desk with you at work reminding you to fly high and reach for your dreams :) 3/12

Lily pad frog - Hi friend! Thank you for finding me I'm the lily pad frog I'm here either as a decoration or maybe I could hold your drinks/car keys. Either way I'm here to chill out and unwind with you after a long day so relax and grab a snack with me. :) 4/12

Swinging frog - Helllooo! I'm the swinging frog! Now that you found me you can hang me up I'm your room and help me swing again and again. I can't wait to have fun swinging with you. :) 5/12

Skateboard frog - Heyy. Thank you for finding me I'm the skater frog! I like to do tricks and flips but mostly I just like to chill and look cool so be sure to put me somewhere you'd like to show off how cool and awesome I am. :) 6/12

The prince - Good day friend! Thank you for finding me, allow me to introduce myself i am the prince frog I rule the frog kingdom. I've heard there's some tales about me secretly being a human prince but I'm afraid that's not true you can try to kiss me but I wouldn't recommend it. :) 7/12

Greeting frog - Hello friend! Thank you for finding me I am the greeting frog I love to sit around and greet people with a smile that brightens their day. I hope I always bring a little joy to your day when you see me. :) 8/12

Salt and pepper - Hello hello! We are Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper we love each other, and cooking, and cooking with each other! There's nothing more rewarding than sharing a home made meal with those you love and we can't wait to help you make every meal together. :) 9/12

Leaf hat frog - Hello friend thank you for finding me I'm the leaf hat frog. I love to be one with nature to fully absorb and relax in it. I'd love to sit nicely in your garden or maybe just by a house plant. Be sure to give me lots of leafs. :) 10/12

Wizard frog - Good day traveller! I am the wise wizard frog! I have many potions and spells I can teach you if you so please. If you wish to learn I'll be sure to train you to be my great wizard apprentice you'll be the best magician in no time. :) 11/12

Bowl frog - Hello there! I'm the bowl frog. I may seem simple and plane but I'm the frog that will help you carry whatever you need. Your keys, your coins, or even small jewelry whatever you can think of! I'm just glad to be a part of your home :) 12/12

Sitting frog - Hi! I'm the sitting frog. I love to be cozy and sit and be silly. Thank you for finding me I hope we can have lots of fun together! 13/13

Locations for the sculptures are the following:

Detailed locations may be picked up at the “Clay Day” event at 105 South St Marys Street, Duryea Gallery, during Western Week, October 7 from 9am to 5pm.